Artist's Statement

The focus of my art is on pattern and texture inspired from nature. As the earth is ever changing, my work will morph and change. My current body of work is left white to signify the purity and beauty of nature. Color is absent to allow the viewer to envision them as the eroded red cliffs of the southwest, yellow, orange or gray granite rock formations of the east, or the volcanic mountains of the west. The repetitive lines of landscapes, rock formations, forests and leaves, and rippled water are an integral part of my work. Each will bring their own perspective to the piece and take away a personal meaning. I create small pieces from white clay. While the clay is still pliable, I shape the clay into it’s desired shape, add textures, patterns. After they are low-fired, the pieces are glued into patterns and grids to form the finished piece of art. These pieces have intricate designs and subtle patterns that allow the viewer to interpret the artwork through their own perspective.

About me

I have been creating art for the past 30 years. I began with watercolors, and made art that used small pieces that were put together, rolled and tied, or layered. I then moved on to using handmade paper, and folding, rolling and curling the paper to make abstract pieces of art. My interests moved into making the same type of pieces, but from clay. I flattened the clay into very thin sheets and flopped it about to make folds and waves in the clay. I also made thin clay pieces that were rolled up with wires and beads hanging from them in the same way the watercolor pieces were made.

My focus now is on pattern and texture inspired from nature. I make small pieces; squares, domes, triangles, circles. While the clay is still pliable, I add textures, patterns and holes. After low-firing, I burn them with newspapers, twigs and leaves in an outdoor fireplace. Once the pieces are all recovered from the fire (a rather dirty and dusty task!), they are washed and cleaned. I color the small burnt pieces with a variety of materials; add wires, beads and other found objects to create the finished individual pieces.

Once the small, individual pieces are complete, I begin to arrange them. I enjoy manipulating the pieces and rearranging them to create the finished patterned design. They are then glued down to a backing board in grids. Look closely to find the patterns and textures that move throughout each one-of-a-kind piece.